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At Shodshi Group of companies, with varied interests in oil and gas, shipyards, marine infrastructure, offshore, Dredging and Agrifarms our aim is to offer you wide range of services that show you that we really care! Not only we have the dedication but we can also guarantee that our services are of the finest quality.

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Shipping and logistics

Getting cargo transported safely over long distances and to the destination port on time involves a rather complex logistics and charter party negotiations but at Shodshi our team of professionals are fully equipped with trade and maritime knowledge to deliver cost effective shipping solutions tailored to your needs.

Oil and Gas

Shodshi oil and gas is working in the world market at the highest professional level. We provide services with highly experienced professionals who work with client all over the world.


Shodshi Dredging has ventured into dreding activities with an MOU with already established dredging company having executed a numerous dredging projects all over india .We are in possession of two New built cutter suction dredgers ready to be deployed anywhere in India. Alternatively we can execute dredging involving rock dredging and dredging with grabs


With its interest in providing exotic vegetables in Goa, Shodshi AgriFarms has started a venture to bring the worldwide used technology of Hydroponics to grow a wide variety of green leafy vegetables and other fruits and vegetables which are clean healthy and aids to fight diseases. We intend to expand our portfolio and add herbs like thyme, sage, organo, mint, spearmint, in future phases.


Construction industry is one of the largest contributors in terms of GDP and employment generation. The ministry of National Highways and surface transport has launched various projects under the "sagarmala" initiative to boost the national waterways for navigation. This brings a hope for coastal shipping which would connect various parts of India and thereby reduce burden on roads. To take advantage of this massive marine infrastructure developments in India Shodshi Infrastructure was incorporated to contribute in nation building.


More and more countries are today driven by the FRP technology and especially India in the recent years showing growing interest in FRP boats for various sectors like Tourism, Leisure and Defence has prompted Shodshi to adhere to the "Make in India" programme. Shodshi has entered into an MOU with Italian FRP ship design and Shipyard manufacturing boats in India. Both these companies have reached an agreement for manufacturing, transfer of technology, Sales and marketing of Italian made in India worldclass boats.